Adding Elegance to your Living.

Quality Building Materials form 60 percent of the company’s business that has added value to the building projects in Oman. The portfolio incorporates all types of pipe fittings and industrial tools, cement, steel, construction chemicals, insulation materials, tiles and timber. Imported from Malaysia, Chile & Burma, timber includes varieties of redwood, white wood, red meranty and plywood.

Offer Contemporary Bath Architecture

Varying from sheer, unadulterated opulence to sophisticated traditional trims to chic modern marvels, bathrooms today are beautifully detailed that complement functionality.

They are ranked as number three where people spend most of their living time.

It is no wonder that the new generation is willing to invest in ‘living bathrooms’ equipped with state-of-the-art accessories that reflect the lifestyles of contemporary people. Be it sanitary ware, shower trays, bathtubs, accessories – AHMED MOHSIN TRADING LLC is leading the way to the complete bathroom.

The company’s sanitary ware and ceramics section boasts of exclusively housing world’s renowned brands (with the exception of Grohe) at the showrooms.

Some of the acclaimed brands are:
LAUFEN, leader in Europe that is second in place worldwide in many segments of the sanitary ware market
  KERAMAG leads the European market in sanitary ceramics, bathtubs and showers
  KEUCO from Germany designs bathroom accessories with uncompromising functionality
  SONIA, a renowned name in bathroom accessories from Spain, distributes high quality products in more than 90 countries all over the world
  GROHE is a leading provider of overall water technology solutions for bathrooms and kitchens. This German brand is the largest fittings manufacturer in Europe and the largest exporter of bathroom fittings worldwide
  GESSI, Italy’s leading manufacturer of exclusive shower and bathroom accessories, designs products to appeal to those who want ‘something different’

Fulfill Your Imaginations of Tiles and Styles

Decorative and textured ceramic tiles that emulate the richness of fabric are to be found in a fabulously rich palette in AHMED MOHSIN TRADING LLC creating the perfect space.

The texture and contrast create endless possibilities that fill any room with elegance, grace and timeless beauty, at the same time offering sustainability. A few prominent ones are:

GRANITI FIANDRE, an Italian world-leading company that produces top-of-the range technical porcelain floor and wall tiles. Recreating the look of some of the world’s most famous and sought after marbles, granites and quarry stones with superior technical qualities such as uniformity, shine and strength.
  The oldest work and production cooperative in Italy, IMOLA leads in the production of ceramic materials for architecture and design, representing the undisputed allure of Italian finish
  IMPRONTA ITALGRANITI synthesises the new trends for a unique design scheme directed towards a constantly evolving market. It offers a complete range of ceramic tiles for walls and floors.
  RAGNO is the world leader in the design, manufacture and sales of ceramic tiles with an increasing presence in other flooring materials and bathroom furnishings
  REFFIN leads the porcelain stoneware tiles market with high quality technological performances through a management process of high ethical standards and respect for the environment
  Forefront among the world’s leading ceramics producers, AGROB BUCHTAL provides ‘modularsystems’ of colours and formats for walls and floors. It provides special tiles for stairs, skirting andedges as well as special solutions such as guiding tiles for the blind, laser absorbing surfaces for operatingtheatres etc
  CERAMICA VOGUE produces single-fired frost-proof tiles for floor and wall coverings, suitable forinteriors and exteriors. It has a wide selection of plain solid colours in a variety of sizes and finishesenhanced with trims.

Offering Modern Kitchen Craft

Kitchens are no longer utilitarian spaces tucked away in a corner; instead they now take Centre stage with as much thought going into designing it as the rest of the house. Good ventilation, ambience, lighting, maximizing storage and counter space are some of the factors looked into while putting together a modern kitchen.

AHMED MOHSIN TRADING LLC has dedicated 450 square metres of space in its WadiKabir showroom to kitchens to showcase modular kitchens from Nolte Küchen, the third largest producer of fitter kitchens in the high and middle range segment from Germany. The showroom features three modular kitchens providing the customers with an opportunity to select and mix and match according to their requirements. A display board provides options for a variety of finishes.

NOLTE KÜCHEN concentrates on a consistent company philosophy that has made it a high performance, innovative company since it was founded in 1958. A wide selection of finishes and accessories will transform the kitchen into a stylish and sleek contemporary place that would, at the same time, be user friendly and comfortable.

Lightscapingthe Interiors

AL MAHA ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES is part of AHMED MOHSIN TRADING LLC that was established in 1996. Located in WadiKabir, the sister company focuses on distribution of commercial, domestic and industrial fans, exhaust fans, water heaters, water chillers as well as light fittings in varying ranges.

AL MAHA offers a wide range of products developed by renowned manufacturers offering quality products that are distributed through well established network in the Sultanate and Dubai.

Its clientele includes industrial estates in Sohar, Nizwa and Rusayl, Ministries, the ROP and Diwan.

AL MAHA is focused on providing value for its customers and establishing a strong and lasting relationship with them.


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