At GROHE, design is more than just aesthetic trappings. It is a quality feature and stands for the perfect synthesis of form and function. Everything at GROHE comes with a seal of exceptional quality. All products’ components, ease of operation and perfect looks have to withstand numerous endurance tests – the toughest in the industry – and pass with flying colours before the products leave the premises.
The vitreous transparency of latest generation polycarbonate and the sheer edges of the totemic freestanding washbasins attract those that love minimal, lunar, rarefied white environments.
Dorn Bracht
Dornbracht, a German company that creates high end bathroom and kitchen products. The bathroom becomes more spacious. Ever wonder what a shower would be like in a lying down position? The concept horizontal shower by Dornbracht.
Keuco – innovative products for bathrooms, accessories, fittings, bathroom furniture.
Teuco, a brand that has continuously anticipated trends and techniques, a story of innovation filled with a host of major international acknowledgements.
In every Teuco bathtub, appealing design is teamed with a focus on relaxation and fitness, while creativity is teamed with efficiency. Both the acrylic and the Duralight® bathtubs, which are available with or without whirlpool, are highly modular to create your ideal interior décor. Choose the bathtub that best suits your needs.
The Geberit Group is the European market leader in sanitary technology with a global orientation & building perfect waterways. Geberit has its own representatives in 41 countries. The range includes the product areas of sanitary systems and piping systems. Geberit brand products are innovative, durable and eco-efficient.
Sonia has a passion that goes beyond simply creating unique products for the bath. From accessories and furniture to basins, mirrors, and lights. Even after more than 20 years of creating and distributing bathroom products around the world, Sonia has never stopped growing. With each new product, new client, or new idea, the brand has evolved. To this day, Sonia’s leaders investigate, learn, innovate, and listen to the market in order to generate new ideas.
Keramag gives you a 30-year guarantee on the KeraTect® glaze and therefore the long-lasting smoothness of the ceramic surface.

The smooth surface offers optimal cleanliness and hygiene during everyday use and with regular cleaning. The shiny glaze of your Keramag quality product will remain in mint condition. It is not necessary to impregnate the product with any chemicals or use special cleaners.

Glass Design
Glass Design is renowned for crystal processing &has developed materials that combine functionality with refined design.

Glass Design has further distinguished itself from the competition by having developed innovative solutions for the processing of traditional materials such as crystal, blown glass and steel as well as developing unprecedented competence in processing synthetic materials such as silicone (Siliconio®) or cool glass (VetroFreddo® - a translucid resin).

One of the leading producers of wellness products for the modern bathroom.

All feature superb design, technical innovation and high quality production. With a young workforce of 170 people, Glass is a fresh and dynamic brand, relatively new to the UK market.

HiB is a major supplier of Mirrors,Cabinets,Washbasins, Furniture&Lighting with many years of experience of bringing to its customers products that have established as innovative market leaders.

Over the past 20 years HiB has established itself as one of the market leaders in the design, manufacture and supply of quality and innovative bathrooms, cloakrooms and en-suites.
Automatic shut-off basin tap.
Wall exposed shower kit, with automatic shut-off mixer 30 seconds.
Basin Fittings. Self-Closing Mixer.

DELABIE offer consists of 4 ranges of products:
i. Water Controls for public and commercial places
ii. Water Controls and Terminal Filters for hospitals
iii. Accessibility and Hygienic Accessories for public places
iv. Water Controls for Professional Catering
DURAL provides a full range of profiles, shower and matting systems.

Underlay mats for decoupling and waterproofing tiled flooring

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