DANA water Heaters
How are DANA water Heaters better:
Corrosion Resistant No deposits are formed on the inner wall of the tank, due to high resistance of stainless steel to deposit formation and chemical corrosion. The internal glossy finish does not retain deposits and hence the metal is not corroded as in the case of copper.
  30% energy savings over prescribed norms
  Retains water hot for long time
  5 years warranty against leakage
  1 year warranty against electrical parts
  Home delivery
  Double security thermostat
  Safe against explosions
  Longer Life
  Choose suitable Model
DANA Glasslined– 5 Yrs Warranty
  DANA Ecohot– 2 Yrs Warranty
  OEM Models
  Key Features:
Porcelain Enameled/Glasslined body.
  Magnesium Anode ensures maximum protection against corrosion.
  Stainless Steel water inlet & outlet pipes.
  Epoxy polyster powder coated external body
  Thick CFC-free PU foam insulation
  Double security thermostat, safety valve & Magnesium Anode

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