Brief Introduction to the Jacuzzi® brand.


In 1956 the Jacuzzi brothers invented the original hydrotherapy jet, today with over 60 years’ experience in hydrotherapy.
Jacuzzi® is recognized as the world’s largest selling brand of jetted whirlpool baths and hot tub and has over 250 worldwide patents for advancements in pump systems and jet technology.

Starting with hot tubs, every Jacuzzi® hot tub is designed to improve your lifestyle and offer a better way of taking care of yourself, and is engineered to deliver advanced hydrotherapy combined with patented jet technology to deliver a truly unique hot tub experience. From whirlpool baths through to sauna/steam shower cabins, every Jacuzzi® bathroom product has been developed to inspire the highest sense of wellness, providing a real unique experience. As the world’s leading innovator of whirlpool baths and bathroom products, we are always looking to introduce new ideas and concepts whilst pushing the boundaries of design.

J-480 - Best Sellers

The J-480 is a 6 person hot tub with an innovative design which, with its curved and asymmetrical lines present a fresh spa silhouette unlike any other. The Water Colour feature is incorporated on the raised back and reproduces the effect of a real glistening waterfall full of light and colour. This luxury hot tub is an absolute must for any garden design with its sleek look and advanced hydrotherapy features, ready to make any garden instantly look better with its presence.

 This 6 person hot tub is great for families or friends and will transform the way you relax at home. Come home after a long day and sink into this most wonderful luxury hot tub. Getting away from the everyday has never been so easy.

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